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  • David & Marc & KEEKS 3人展
  • 2023.9.20[Wed]-11.5[Sun]
  • 【THREE -Many a mickle, makes a muckle-】


    伝説の元ドラァグクイーン、ロンドン在住の作家、デヴィッド・ホッジ(Dusty O)。
    ポップで毒のある刺繍作品をメインに生み続ける KEEKS(Akiko MIURA)。
    ホッジ自らが提言した英国に古くから伝わることわざ「小さいものでも集まれば大きくなるーMany a mickle, makes a muckle(英)」が副題の本展示会。

    Statement on the Exhibition

    David Hodge(Dusty O)

    The work that I am showing is a selection of pieces I painted in 2023. I had been very involved in developing digital work for a while and was keen to get back to painting.The work is all very much of the theme “contrasts”. I painted the things I loved and hated in equal measure and combined them to try and create mood boards of my mind. Some are whimsical ideas and others more thought out stories and fantasies. I work quickly and spontaneously and these pieces are very genuine and honest. I try not to over think ideas as it often spoils the initial creativity. So I paint from my gut and my heart. All of my work is like a snapshot of what is going on in my mind at that specific moment. It is not laboured or intense. I liken it to a Polaroid snap shot of my mind. Fast and instant and valid for that moment only. Thoughts and ideas change quickly so I try and portray the moment knowing that tomorrow it could be different. My work is like fast food. Of the moment.

    Marc Abe

    The works curated for this show are from 2011 to 2023, and the emphasis is on whether they are honest and truthful images to the eyes of the artist.
    The reason why the artist decided to pursue a living out of photography industry was because the images made the subjects happy.
    Since started shooting commercially, the definition of a “good” photograph has become if they made clients satisfied.
    And in this day and age, with the social media, one can’t help but think negatively about the work if it doesn’t get many “Likes” & to avoid hurting one’s self-esteem, it’s easy to shoot with a third person’s perspective in mind, subconsciously.
    However, then there’s no point in taking pictures at all.
    So this time, these works are without any hidden agendas. No “Likes” or “Dislikes” matters. These are the images the artist saw, captured, liked, is proud of - the extension of personal point of view.


    On exhibit are all new works that I have created for this exhibition, with the theme ‘Like the courage to face the future’.
    I always keep originality in mind. My originality isn’t bold and loud, but I believe it is important. The charming uniqueness is also a factor that characterizes my works.
    Being a part of the exhibition THREE alongside David and Marc - the three of us connected by a beautifully mysterious and strong bond - is a once in a lifetime joy. I will pour my heart and soul into making this exhibition something that I can cherish forever.
    It is a great honor to introduce David and Marc, two talented artists based in London, to the audience in Japan.
    I would like to express my sincere gratitude to BrainBrunnGALLERY for giving me this opportunity.

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