Yuko Mizobuchi's art is "Neo Primitive”!!



  • Every time I see an artwork that is armed with words to impress the viewer’s brain, I feel utterly disappointed, for I feel that such a kind of work would reduce the innate true power of art, and dull the sensitivity of man.
  • For us of today where so much information is flooding us, what we need may be imagination to feel and think with your mind something that is unfathomable by reasons and by brains.
  • To go to the extreme, I believe that lack of imagination threatens the peace and creates the world where hatreds prevail to the point that we even take lives of each other.
  • I use ordinary things around me such as magic markers and cardboards to create mainly paintings.
  • Many people seem to feel that I paint like I am lead by something.
  • I have no hesitation to draw lines that are expressions of my strong will.
  • Pieces of my work ask for sensitivities of people today.
  • My principle and style may be categorized in the contemporary art, but I regard my works, and my soul and actions towards human beings underlying it as true antitheses against the contemporary art, based on fundamentalism.
  • My works are means to rediscover and awaken the memory of your DNA that has been dormant since the ancient time, the senses any living beings can have, and to regain the power of imagination. Art does not require explanations: It is to feel and imagine with your ‘mind brain’, instead of your ‘logical brain’. It opens up the eye of your ‘mind brain’ – I believe that is the power of art.
  • It has become a lengthy message, but actually this explanation of mine itself is meaningless. I just want you to see, feel and imagine my actual paintings with your mind brain.
  • No logic has a place there.
  • “Brain Brunn” – a magic word to awaken your dormant senses.
  • When your mind brain quivers, the innate senses in your brain would be awakened.

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Yuko Mizobuchi

Born in Takamatsu, Kagawa, Japan.

Graduated from OSAKA DESIGNERS' COLLEGE.Working as a freelance Artist in Japan.Has exhibited in Tokyo and Osaka, New York,Los Angeles and is working internationally to expand her activities to France and other countries.

“In recent years, I have established a unique method of expression by directly engraving wooden boards and coloring them with Permanent Marker, India ink, or Japanese painting pigments.

I am dedicated to artistic activities every day, convinced that the purpose of art is to awaken the power of imagination by invoking the "ancient memory" of all living things.”